About Us

Forterro is a group of software companies that deliver strong operational ERP functionality to specialized geographical or vertical markets. From office locations in Sweden, Switzerland, France, Norway, the United States, and India, the Forterro portfolio of ERP software solutions serves more than 3,000 customers around the world.

At Forterro, we believe ERP software should be local, not localized. And vertical, not verticalized. Let us explain.

Poet Edward FitzGerald once said that the translator [will] recast the original into his own likeness." Just as the true meaning of words can be lost or changed when translated from language to language, so can the effectiveness of software through the process of localization and verticalization. Despite the very best efforts of the large international software vendors, there is no replacement for software that is purpose-built for a community of users. That’s why the ERP market remains fragmented by geography, industry and size of customer … and why so many local and niche ERP products are still thriving today.

Forterro is a home for these specialized ERP companies. We are not an international software vendor fusing products together or propagating a single flagship solution. In fact, we’re just the opposite. We champion a diverse range of solutions to a diverse set of markets.

Our Process

Our brands were market leaders long before joining the Forterro family. From the beginning, these companies were created by industry experts to meet the requirements of niche markets. And they grew, by virtue of serving those markets well.

At Forterro, we seek to make these great companies outstanding companies.

How do we do it?

We appreciate the brand position and unique value proposition of their software solutions. Our goal is never to rebuild or replace. Rather, we re-focus, restore, evolve and strengthen.

We appreciate the experience and judgment of their employees. Our approach is to form geography- or industry-centric business units that are run by local management teams made up of the best and brightest from our acquired companies.

We then enter into a collaborative process, where our local management teams draw from the intellectual capital, business philosophies, and industry experience of Forterro’s senior leadership team. With each acquisition, the process is different—influenced by the local management team’s market experience and customer familiarity, as well as the Forterro team’s decades of experience operating software companies. The result is a completely unique operating model for each of our companies.

Beyond our collaborative management process, there is an entire Forterro ecosystem that extends and strengthens our acquired companies. All of our business units utilize centralized tools, resources and services. They also benefit from an ever-growing product portfolio and international footprint, creating new product and market opportunities with every acquisition. And, because our businesses share the SME ERP space, our businesses collaborate when it makes sense, taking advantage of the assets and proficiencies of their peers.

What's in a name?

From the ground up, specialty ERP products are built using the local language, industry vernacular, and unique processes of their users. Likewise, a fortress is built to protect and serve a local community and its lands.

Forterro is a collection of fortresses. Our aim is not to tear them down or replace them with something “better” or “newer.” Rather, our goal is to strengthen their walls, widen their moats, and find ways to even better serve their communities.  

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